Sharing Our Growers' Stories

Markon's Extended Family

The Markon family extends far beyond our immediate Salinas Valley employees to our traveling inspectors, our long-time farmer partners, and our member companies and distributors located across the U.S. and Canada.


Food Safety, a Group Effort

Markon and our growers take pride in a job well done and ensure compliance with our strict safety standards. Our inspectors walk the fields, meet with harvesting managers, talk to work crews, and evaluate plant quality from the time a seed is planted until it is harvested, packed, and shipped. 



From our inception, we made it a prerequisite to partner only with those growers who live by sustainable practices such as crop rotation, energy conservation, waste and water reduction, and recycling.


Caring for People

Markon cares about our own employees, but we also care about those that work for our farmers. We ONLY work with companies that share the philosophy that everyone deserves safe, legal working conditions, clean facilities, and fair wages. By providing good jobs, we assure happy workers and enhance the lives of our local communities.



Check out our extended-family's stories, photos, and videos—the people working to bring you healthy, delicious fruits and vegetables each and every month of the year.


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