Lou Rice

Corporate Chef, Reinhart Foodservice

Corporate Chef Lou Rice, Reinhart Foodservice
“I spent the formative summers of my adolescence working on a farm that was owned by a good family friend. I spent months each year digging potatoes, tossing fresh picked watermelons into a truck, and eating too many of those that slipped through the fingers, as well as walking the corn fields and picking the best corn that Indiana had to offer to sell at our friend’s chain of produce markets. It really brought on my love and appreciation for fresh produce. Until you have had an ear of corn go from the field to being roasted on an open fire within hours of picking, you have not eaten corn. While I didn’t enjoy cutting the kernels off 10 to 12 bushels of fresh ears every summer (my mom loved to freeze fresh corn off the cob), I still remember those days as the best part of my childhood and one of the foundations of my love of food that led me to the place I am today.”