Trends: Fusebiquity

Beet Pancakes
A term coined by DataEssential, fusebiquity is “modern American food fueled by safe experimentation—ubiquity with a dose of inception.” In other words, using common platforms or ingredients with one new and exciting addition, making customers feel comfortable enough to give it a try. Yes, many of today’s modern diners are more sophisticated, but depending on the region, some may need the reliability of the familiar to take the extra step.
  • Flatbreads, tacos, bowls, and burgers are known dishes that make excellent portals to introduce global flavors.
  • Comforting waffles and pancakes make ideal platforms for both sweet and savory ingredients. Drizzle with kaya, the Malaysian coconut jam or accent rich color by incorporating pureed beets.
  • Story telling is critical: customers might not be ready to order banh mi or shakshuka, but renaming them spicy chicken sandwich and Mediterranean breakfast bowl (with the same ingredients) can convince wary diners to be more adventurous.