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July 22, 2021


  • Following extended periods of rain that hindered production, Central Mexico is finally reaching peak volume
  • Northern Baja production will begin in a light way in early August
    • Full production will be reached by late August
    • Southern Baja growers will start harvesting in the third week of August
  • Peruvian supplies (shipped into Florida) are sufficient; production takes place in Northern Peru through September and then transitions to Southern Peru
  • Quality is very good: spears are straight with firm tips and grassy flavor
  • Expect low prices for the next two to three weeks or until the transition from Central Mexico to Baja begins

California Grapes

  • Markon Essentials Red and Green Seedless Grapes are available
  • Markon First Crop (MFC) Lunch Bunch Grapes are on the market
  • Pricing will gradually decrease as harvesting ramps up
  • Quality is very good
  • Expect ample supplies this season

Idaho Potatoes
Storage Crop

  • Burbank quality is good
  • Pressure bruising is more prevalent at this point in the season
  • Storage crop quality will continue to weaken as the season nears the end
  • Size profile is dominated by small potatoes (80- to 100-count stocks); large sizes (40- to 70-count supplies) are tighter
  • Pricing will remain strong through August

New Crop Norkotahs and Burbanks

  • New crop Norkotah harvesting and packing will begin in early to mid-August
  • New crop Burbank production will start in early October
  • Growers currently anticipate slightly below-average yields; size will be dominated by 70- to 90-count supplies


  • MFC Onions will ship out of California’s San Joaquin Valley through mid-August; the New Mexico season will run concurrently  
  • Colorado stocks will start shipping in mid-August
  • Utah-grown supplies will become available the first part of September
  • Onions out of the Northwest will have rounder, more globe-like shape than stocks shipped during the spring/summer months; early season stocks will still exhibit thin, light-colored skins until shipped out of storage


  • Remaining stocks are dominated by 90- and 100-count sizes
  • 110-count and smaller pears are limited


  • Growers pack and sell by the count as opposed to the volume-fill method used in Washington
    • California suppliers ship 40-pound packs; Washington growers use 44-pound cartons
    • Due to this pack difference, California ships approximately 6 to 10 fewer pieces of fruit per unit compared to Washington
  • The California season will run into October   

2021-2022 Washington New Crop

  • The Bartlett season is forecast to begin the second week of August
  • D ’Anjou production will start in early September

Ready-Set-Serve Cilantro

  • Ready-Set-Serve (RSS) Cilantro is available
  • Yields are down following recent high temperatures in Oxnard, Salinas, and Santa Maria, California; burn, disease pressure, seeder, and yellowing are reducing harvestable yields at the field level
  • RSS Cilantro is currently achieving specified quality and shelf-life, but there is potential for early breakdown due to heat-related stress  
  • Expected high markets through July, at minimum, until younger plantings reach harvest maturity

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