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June 14, 2021

California’s Salinas Valley began receiving higher temperatures over the weekend which are now forecast to increase and extend into late this week. Coastal highs (in the low to upper 70°s today) will climb to the low to mid-80°s by Wednesday, June 16. Inland areas will see low to mid-80°s today, increasing to mid-90°s and as high as 102° by Thursday, June 17.

Markon inspectors have already observed occasional green leaf and romaine fields exhibiting internal burn and/or long core. This week’s potentially record-breaking heat will cause more widespread quality and shelf-life concerns. Harvesting and processing crews of Salinas Valley vegetable crops are implementing summertime SOPs to counteract the high temperatures and longer days. These mitigation measures include earlier start times, reduced bin weights for value-added raw product, and an emphasis on cut-to-cool time and cold-chain monitoring.

Ordering for quick turns is highly recommended and strict cold-chain management will be especially critical for maximizing the quality and shelf-life of perishable produce items throughout the summer months.

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