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May 26, 2021

California’s Salinas Valley experienced several very windy days last week that have caused an increase in fringe burn and wind damage in various lettuce crops, but primarily affecting romaine. Internal burn has also been observed sporadically in some romaine lots.

Iceberg and leaf crops are abundant in the Salinas region due to California’s mild weather this calendar year. Growers are currently challenged with trying to manage their acreage.

Weather forecasts are predicting much warmer conditions starting next week, and possibly extending into mid-June, with coastal temperatures ranging from the 70°s to mid-80°s and as high as the mid-90°s inland. These higher temperatures will accelerate growth and likely lead to heat-related issues such as dehydration, internal burn, and decreased shelf-life potential.

Markon inspectors are monitoring field and weather conditions and working with suppliers to secure the best product for commodity and value-added items.

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