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June 10, 2021

Bell Peppers
Green Bells

  • Markon First Crop (MFC) and Markon Essentials (ESS) Green Bell Peppers are available
  • Production has begun in the Eastern Mexico region of San Luis Potosi (crossing through South Texas); volume is light
  • California harvests are transitioning from the Imperial desert region to the San Joaquin Valley
  • Georgia is the main growing region on the East Coast; stocks are sufficient
  • Steady prices are forecast for the next two weeks

Red Bells

  • MFC and ESS Red Bell Peppers are available
  • Production in California’s Coachella Valley is down slightly; however, additional acreage will be harvested beginning next week
  • Georgia supplies are limited
  • Canadian greenhouses are harvesting consistently excellent quality stocks that range in size from extra-large to double extra large
  • Expect slightly lower prices over the next two weeks

Brussels Sprouts

  • Stocks are limited due to poor quality in Central Mexico
  • Growing conditions in Baja and Oxnard remain ideal; quality is very good
  • The Santa Maria season has started, though the initial size profile is small
  • Salinas Valley production is scheduled to begin in late June/early July
  • Expect prices to remain elevated over the next two to three weeks when Santa Maria size profile increases and the Salinas Valley harvest begins

California Strawberries

  • MFC Strawberries are available out the Salinas/Watsonville region
  • Watsonville is the main growing region for strawberries
  • Demand remains strong, but higher temperatures are expected this weekend which should aid growth
    • Supplies are forecast to increase slightly over the next five to seven days
    • Markets are poised to make a gradual decline


  • Production in the Salinas Valley started this week; the Oxnard season is winding down and will end later this month
  • MFC Celery is available in Oxnard and Salinas; all MFC Celery will be harvested in Salinas next week
  • The Michigan season will begin in early July
  • Quality is excellent; yields are high
  • Prices are expected to remain fairly steady at low levels through June

Idaho Potatoes

  • 40- and 50-count sizes are extremely tight
  • Expect suppliers to only cover regular, weekly averages of 40- and 50- count sizes   
  • Shippers need up to ten working days (in some cases) to generate sufficient volume for 40- and 50-count orders
  • 40- to 70-count pricing will climb weekly through the rest of the 2020/2021 season


  • 175-count and smaller sizes are in plentiful supply; prices are lower
  • 110- and 150-count sizes remain extremely limited; these markets are elevated
  • Recent rains in the primary growing region of Mexico are causing concerns for quality issues in the coming weeks such as oil spotting and stylar (stem-end decay)
  • Expect prices for all sizes to continue inching down through June

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