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May 18, 2021

Tomato production in Central Florida is declining; growers will soon transition to the northern growing regions of the state. West Coast growers are harvesting new crops in eastern Mexico, Baja, and California to replace volume in Culiacan, Mexico.


  • Florida mature green harvesting in the Palmetto/Ruskin area is past season peak; size and yields are down due to hot weather
  • Mexican vine ripe production is transitioning from western regions to Baja and eastern parts of the country
    • The crop is dominated by 6x7 sizes
    • Quality is mixed
  • Growers in California’s Imperial Valley have begun their six-week season with moderate volume; the San Joaquin Valley region is expected to have stronger numbers in June
  • Expect prices to remain steady for next two weeks


  • Florida volume will declining in the Palmetto/Ruskin area over the next two weeks; growers in Quincy will produce  light supplies during the month of June
  • Mexican production is shifting from the western parts of the country to Baja and Eastern Mexico; quality and size are average
  • California production is set to begin in the San Joaquin Valley in two weeks; lack of precipitation this year may impact growing conditions and quality
  • Prices are expected to remain stable over the short term


  • Florida supplies are adequate; color is deep and quality is good
  • Growers in Western Mexico are harvesting this season’s remaining crops, while Baja farms are producing lower volume, yet better quality
  • Prices are steady


  • Warm weather has increased Florida volume and deepened color this week
  • The Baja region is producing lower volume, but quality is very good
  • Expect prices to remain stable to slightly lower

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