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May 28, 2021

East Coast tomato production is slowing as growers transition to northern growing regions. New harvesting areas in Mexico are producing high-quality tomatoes.


  • Florida mature green harvesting is reduced this week; growers are transitioning from Ruskin/Palmetto to Quincy
  • Mexican vine ripe production is starting to increase in the Eastern Mexico and Baja regions
    • Large sizes are most prevalent
    • Quality is good
  • California’s Imperial Valley season has begun in a moderate way; San Joaquin Valley volume will climb in June
  • Prices are expected to remain steady next week


  • Florida Roma numbers are lower as the Ruskin/Palmetto season is finishing this week; the Quincy area has started with minimal acreage
  • Mexican growers are transitioning from western regions to Baja, Jalisco, and San Luis Potosi; these new crop areas are producing good quality fruit
  • Production will start in California’s San Joaquin Valley over the next two weeks
  • Prices will remain stable through next week


  • Florida supplies are diminishing as the Palmetto/Ruskin season is winding down; harvesting will start in Quincy as well as South Carolina next week
  • Mexican supplies are tight
    • The Nogales season is ending
    • The Baja harvest is behind schedule
  • Markets are extremely active


  • Florida has adequate supplies for current demand
  • The Baja region crop is producing good quality fruit
  • Expect prices to remain stable

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