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June 10, 2021

The Northern California tomato season is getting started this week. East Coast supplies are a bit tighter as growers transition to Northern Florida and South Carolina.
Markon First Crop (MFC) and Markon Essentials (ESS) Tomatoes are available.


  • Florida mature greens are finishing up this week in Palmetto/Ruskin region (with second and third picks)
  • New regions in Quincy, Florida and South Carolina have started light harvesting
    • Quality is good
    • All sizes are available
  • The California season is starting this week for some growers the San Joaquin Valley region
    • Volume is anticipated to remain close to last year’s numbers despite drought-like conditions
    • Size will be dominated by 6x7 and 6x6 packs
  • Vine ripe production is behind schedule due to previous cool, rainy weather in Baja and Eastern Mexico, but volume is beginning to rise
  • Prices are expected to remain steady into next week


  • East Coast supplies are tightening
    • The Ruskin/Palmetto season has ended
    • Production is just starting in Quincy, Florida
  • Mexican volume is primarily out of the Baja region this week
    • Eastern Mexico is getting a slow start
    • Baja fruit is dominated by large sizes; quality is good
  • California production is scheduled to start in the San Joaquin Valley over the next two weeks
  • Expect active prices during these regional transitions


  • East Coast supplies remain snug with average quality while growers transition from Central Florida to Northern Florida and South Carolina
  • West Coast stocks are also tight; however, the Baja region is expected to pick up over the next two weeks
  • Prices are elevated this week


  • East Coast supply levels are down slightly due to the transition to Northern Florida
  • The Baja region continues to produce low volume
  • Expect steady prices

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