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May 21, 2021

The lemon market is rising. Offshore Chilean lemons will be available in the next three to four weeks.

  • Markon First Crop and Markon Essentials Lemons are available
  • The primary growing region continues to transition from California’s San Joaquin Valley to the Southern California (Ventura County); shelf-life is shorter than normal at this time of year due to increased moisture and stronger winds in this region
  • Expect prices to continue rising through the summer as demand increases and availability tightens
    • Offshore Argentine fruit is arriving into the East Coast this week
    • Offshore Chilean fruit is expected to begin arriving the week of June 14
    • There is no difference in pack size, color, or taste between domestic and offshore fruit   
    • Mexican lemons will enter the market the week of July 19 and will be available for pickup in Delano, California and Mission, Texas

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