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General Produce


Common Packs:

Single-layer tray packs (various counts)

Receiving Inspecting:

Good quality feijoas should be plump with lime green to olive green skin. Avoid product with blemishes or broken skin. Feijoas are ripe when they give to gentle pressure.

Storage Handling:

Short-term storage recommendation (7 days or less)

  • 45-50° F/7-10° C
  • 85-95% relative humidity
14 days.

Chill injury displays as brown discoloration of the skin. In severe cases, flesh may discolor as well. To prevent chill injury, do not store below 41° F/5° C.

Usage Ideas:

  • Skewer shrimp, sliced red onions, and chopped feijoas; grill, then drizzle with lime-cumin sauce.
  • Arrange feijoa and mango slices in a circular pattern on top of ricotta-lemongrass cheesecake.
Seasonal Availability:

Major production areas include California and New Zealand.