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General Produce

Greens, Dandelion

Dandelion Greens
Common Packs:

12-count packs.

Receiving Inspecting:

Choose greens that are clean and fresh. Avoid wilted or discolored greens.

Storage Handling:

Short-term storage recommendation (7 days or less)

  • 32-36° F/0-2° C
  • 90-98% relative humidity
10 to 14 days.

Color loss can occur if greens are exposed to ethylene gas. Store away from ethylene-producing fruits and ripening rooms.

Wilting may result if greens are stored in an area with low humidity.

Water-soaked spots indicate freeze injury; store properly.

Usage Ideas:

  • Add greens to broth-based soups just before serving for a burst of color and nutrients.
  • Sauté greens in pork fat; serve alongside soul foods such as green tomatoes, okra, and mashed sweet potatoes.