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General Produce


Common Packs:

10- and 40-lb. cartons

Receiving Inspecting:

Good quality guavas should be firm and free of bruises or decay. Ripe guavas should exhibit a fragrant aroma.

Storage Handling:

Short-term storage recommendation (7 days or less)

  • 45-50° F/7-10° C
  • 90% relative humidity
14 to 21 days.

Increased decay is an indication of chill injury. Do not store guavas below 45° F/7° C.

Usage Ideas:

  • Simmer guavas with sugar until jelly forms; serve with muffins, grilled meats, and cheese plates.
  • Layer mashed guava and cream cheese in puffed pastry; bake and serve on breakfast buffets.
Seasonal Availability:

Major production areas include California and Florida.