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Mamey Sapote

Mamey Sapote
Common Packs:

10- and 35-lb. cartons

Receiving Inspecting:

Choose firm fruit. Avoid damaged, bruised, or shriveled fruit. Mameys soften quickly and will give to gentle pressure when ready to use.

Storage Handling:

Short-term storage recommendation (7 days or less):


  • 60-65° F/16-18° C
  • 85-95% relative humidity


  • 45-50° F/7-10° C
  • 85-95% relative humidity
14 to 21 days.

Water-soaked fruit, soft spots, and increased decay are indications of chill injury. To prevent chill injury, do not store below 45° F/7° C.

Mameys bruise easily; handle with care.

Usage Ideas:

  • Purée ripe mamey sapotes; heat with gelatin, then fold in whipped cream; serve vibrantly colored mousse topped with more diced sapotes and fresh mint.
  • Add diced mamey sapote to rice; top with black beans and salsa.
Seasonal Availability:

Major production areas include Belize, Venezuela, and the United States.