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Maines Paper & Food Service’s Initiatives

Maines Paper & Food Service’s Initiatives

Being green is more than a trend at Maines, it’s a value the company has integrated into its corporate identity through innovative, eco-conscious programs and initiatives. If being green is an important value, potential customers should consider working with an environmentally responsible foodservice vendor – like Maines. Together, Maines and its customers can help protect and preserve the planet.

On all levels, Maines is making green-minded decisions. On the corporate level, internal company practices, such as energy-conserving initiatives, are being implemented. Maines also seeks out green programs, services, and products – such as organic produce – that make it simple and cost-effective for foodservice operations to go green.

Energy-Conserving Efforts

  • Motion-detecting light switches and high efficiency light bulbs have been installed.

  • Employees are required to fully shut down all office equipment before they leave each day and are educated about “vampires” – appliances and technology that consume energy when plugged in but not in use.

  • Maines’ truck drivers completely turn off their engines at delivery and pick-up, therefore reducing carbon emissions.

  • All trucks feature the latest energy-conserving refrigeration systems.

  • Heat generated from boilers and air compressors is diverted throughout various areas of the building.

  • Ammonia compressors allow for variability of demand and adjust accordingly to save energy.

  • Maines purchases only high-efficiency motors whether replacing or buying new.

  • Long-lasting and energy-efficient LED lighting retrofit has been executed.

  • Maines deployed the Intelligent Lighting System in New York to cut energy usage, improve light levels, and meet corporate sustainability targets.

  • Lighting-related usage has dropped by 87 percent.

  • Maines expects to save 1,726,108 kWh per year (that’s more than enough electricity to power 200 homes per year!) and 1,240 metric tons of CO2.

  • Maines is constantly reengineering its operational processes and equipment to minimize environmental impact; expect more efficient and green advancements in the future!

Reducing Waste and Environmental Impact

  • Delivery trucks are routed in the most efficient way possible to decrease mileage, and therefore reduce harmful greenhouse gasses.

  • Sensor-operated valves to control water flow have been installed in all restrooms.

  • Maines’ truck drivers are offered special incentives for lowering their miles per gallon rates.

  • Installing automatic paper towel dispensers for portion control.

  • Using idle management technology to reduce emissions in delivery trucks.

  • Expanding the use of electronic transactions with customers and vendors to reduce paper waste.

  • Every Maines facility is audited by government agencies and water providers for energy-sapping leaks, drips, and other obvious waste.

Recycling Efforts

  • Recycling bins for paper, cardboard, plastic, and aluminum can be found throughout Maines’ offices and at MaineSource stores.

  • Used tires are being sent back to the manufacturer for recycling and safe disposal.

  • Maines’ staff recycles shrink wrap and cardboard whenever possible.

  • All motor oil gathered when changing vehicle oil is recycled, which adds up to 7,000 gallons of recycled oil per year.

  • The on-site truck and equipment wash station utilizes a sand filtration system; more than 100,000 gallons of water are recycled per year.

  • Maines recycles all computer scrap and ink cartridges.

Eco-Friendly Products

  • All chemicals being used in Maines’ warehouses and MaineSource stores are being switched over to the new “green” line which is better for the environment.

  • Offering many environmentally conscious products such as organic produce, natural meats (pork, beef, chicken, and fish), recycled paper products and plasticware, and “green” chemicals.

  • Many ethical Fair Trade-certified products are available such as coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar, rice, and bananas.

  • Maines offers wild-caught frozen and fresh seafood from fisheries that meet the standards of the Marine Stewardship Council.

Creative Reuse

  • Selling reusable bags at MaineSource stores.

  • When products are purchased in less than full case quantities, products are delivered in reusable containers, which are transferred to customer containers then returned to Maines where they are sanitized and reused.

  • Used shipping pallets are being reconditioned and reused in the Maines warehouses.

  • Products that do not meet the company’s standards for shipment (such as minor defects which do not affect food quality) are donated to local food banks; $50,000 worth of food is given annually to the elderly and underprivileged.

Initiatives on the Horizon

  • Reserve prime parking spaces for hybrid/environmentally friendly cars.

  • Replace all current computer monitors with more efficient LEDs.

  • Implement a paperless delivery system to cut down on waste.

  • Evaluate possibilities for alternative fuels such as natural gas and biodiesel.

  • Current and future Maines food shows will feature a “Green Space” where eco-friendly products are showcased along with information and inspiration.

  • All new Maines vehicles will be designed with particle filters that cut down on carbon emissions.

  • Glycol Refrigeration System will continue to reduce Maines’ air carbon footprint.

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