LIVE FROM THE FIELDS: Iceberg Lettuce in Yuma, Arizona

Watch the latest Markon Live from the Fields video regarding iceberg lettuce harvesting in Yuma, Arizona.

  • Iceberg lettuce production has begun in a light way in Yuma, Arizona  
  • The bulk of production remains in Huron and Salinas, California, but will ramp up in Yuma and the surrounding desert areas this week and next
  • Quality is very good, yet supplies remain tight and case weights for 24-count palletized lettuce are ranging from the mid-30s to low 40-pound range max
  • Current fields look healthy with no virus/disease pressure or die-off, which were major problems closing out the Salinas season
  • Cooler weather is forecast this week with lettuce ice possible Tuesday through Friday, November 19-13
  • Expect case weights to increase slowly into next week

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November 10, 2020