LIVE FROM THE FIELDS: Mushrooms Harvesting

Please click here to view a Markon Live from the Fields video about mushroom harvesting in Salinas, California.

  • The video shows the Markon Food Safety team’s recent visit to the Monterey Mushroom facility in Royal Oaks, California
  • When the mushrooms are ready, crews harvest for five days, two times per day
  • It takes 10 days for supplies to mature from the pin to the harvesting stage
  • Harvesting, sizing, and packing is all done manually
  • Crews sort according to four different sizes (small, medium, large, and number 2 grade)
  • After harvesting and sizing, supplies are cleaned, processed, and packed into Markon First Crop cartons in a separate room

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for further information.

Lianna Kelly
Markon Food Safety

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November 20, 2017